ClipAir, nasal dilator, S, M, L | Pack of 6


Discreet, comfortable and reusable, ClipAir improves breathing, prevents snoring and dry throat.
Principle of operation

Clipair is a nasal dilator that opens the nostrils wide and improves breathing. It is made of a biomedical elastic material for optimal, comfortable and discrete support.

It is made of an elastic biomedical material for optimal support, comfortable and discreet.

The Importance of Breathing Through Your NoseBreathing

through your nose is important to humidify, warm and filter the air we breathe.


Nasal dilator effectiveness is proven inclinical sleep studies to have the following effects
the following effects:-Reduce
respiratory effort (*)
-Decrease heart rate in people with apnea (*)
-Restore a feeling of repairing sleep in users (*) and (**)
-Reduce snoring in more than 50% of users (**)
-Reduce throat drying (**)
(*) As reference, the study by P. Kerr and. al.
Journal of Otolaryngology 21:3, 1992
(**) As reference, the study by JanUlfberg,

a sports activity, the nasal dilator isclinically proven (J.Griffin,
Laryngoscope, 1997) to :
– Reduce the heart rate.
– Reduce the perception of effort.
– Reduce the ventilation needed for the effort.


– Difficult nasal breathing.
– Narrow nose or nasal valve.
– In combination with a CPAP mask, to improve the passage of air under
– Sports.


-Scars or irritations in the nose


The pack of 1 SET of 3 sizes is consisting of 1 small clip (S), 1 medium clip (M) et 1 large clip (L).

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S, M, L

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