PactoSafe sealing system

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Pactosafe is a waste sealing system used for the safe handling of cytotoxic waste, hazardous waste and toxic laboratory waste.

  • Safe
  • Aerosol-tight thermo sealing of foil bags to prevent the spread of odour, contamination and aerosols from infectious and cytostatic / cytotoxic waste
  • Improved occupational health and safety

It works ideal in addition to isolators and safety cabinets as the aerosol-tight heat sealing creates a safe interim storage and a safe disposal of hazardous waste. This waste sealing unit is well suited for safe handling of cytostatic / cytotoxic waste.

Fields of application:

  • Pharmacies – preparation of cytotoxic, anti-virals and antibiotics
  • Oncology wards – treatment with CMR drugs
  • Dialysis reception and blood donor centres
  • Infectious diseases clinics
  • Retirement homes and preschools – odourless handling of diapers
  • Laboratories – microbiology, bacteriology, biotechnology
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