OTOM – Tick Twister to prevent Lyme sickness among others. Box of 24


The safest and easiest way to remove TICKS. The shape of the OTOM / Tick Twister, designed by a veterinarian, takes into account the tick’s morphology. It doesn’t compress the abdomen of the ticks, therefore it minimizes the risk of transmission of pathogens.

Where are ticks found?

Ticks generally live in wooded or forested areas, grass, bushes, undergrowth, meadows and clearings, but can also be found anywhere there is grass (along wildlife paths, lawns, parks…).

Why use the TICK TWISTER:

It doesn’t leave the tick’s rostrum in the skin.

It doesn’t squeeze the tick’s abdomen.

It enables a quick and painless tick removal.

It is used both on animals and on humans.

It does not require the use of ether or alcohol.

It allows the tick to be removed quickly and painlessly.

It is unbreakable, durable and reusable.

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