SEVERO Pill Crusher, version 3,0

1 year warranty on the grinder and 6 months on the battery.


Repetitive strain injuries caused by manual grinding of medicines can be painful. That’s why we are extremely proud of the launch of the all-new SEVERO 3.0 model.

Due to repetitive movements and physical strain, institutions where drugs have to be crushed receive more and more complaints from employees, and sick days are increasing. After multiple consultations with users in the field, we have developed this new version of the Severo electric medicine grinder. The result is a rugged, quiet, long-lasting device in battery mode that effortlessly sprays the strongest medications in 8 seconds, minimizes the chance of cross-contamination while protecting your employees from strain injuries associated with crushing medications.

  • Easy to use
  • Powered by rechargeable battery
  • Autonomy of 500 grindings
  • No risk of inhalation
  • Stability on carts
  • Robust and resistant motor.

Simplicity, robustness and efficiency.

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