Longostand Mini bag holders

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Longostand mini bag holders are manufactured from durable ABS plastic. plastic. The legs are of anodised aluminium and the wheels are of galvanised steel. Choose between two sizes, Maxi, holding approx. 200 litres, or Mini, approx. 80 litres.

The ancillary bag cassette, Longopac, for Maxi and Mini respectively is available in several thicknesses and colours and is delivered in compact packages including clips for closing the bags.

The Longopac bag system is easy to use, practical and saves time. It is also a material saver and is economical with major environmental advantages.


• Loaded with up to 100 metre length bag cassette.
• New bag always in place.
• Bag always closed


Bags are replaced and closed from the outside – no contact with the waste.
• Waste spill around the opening is moved down into the next bag.
• Simple cleaning.

Environmentally sound

• Longopac bag material is manufactured from three-ply polyethylene.
• Low consumption of material and high strength.
• Variable bag size always gives 100% filling – maximum use of material.
• Compact packages.

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