Texaal® Cotton Pillow Cover

This cover is guaranteed for life against any manufacturing defect.


This Texaal® Cotton standard pillow ® dust mite covers of medical quality totally envelope your pillow and are closed with zippers protected by a large flap.

Made of 100% cotton Texaal® without polyurethane coating (no lamination) or chemical treatment, this Texaal® Cotton cover has very low evaporative resistance (3.1 m².Pa/W). The lower this resistance, the more breathable the fabric.

These special characteristics allow Texaal® Cotton covers to offer you comfort identical to that of a top-of-the-range cotton sheet while forming an impenetrable barrier for dust mite allergens. (+ info)

This Texaal® Cotton dust mite cover may be machine washed at 60°C and machine dried as many times as a quality sheet. Tests carried out by IBT, an independent laboratory, have shown unchanged effectiveness of Texaal® covers after 100 washing and drying cycles. (study report)

Certifications and studies:

All dust mite covers sold by the Protec’Som® laboratory (Texaal®, Noxaalon®) are manufactured under process ISO13485 (medical devices manufacturing standard) and are classified as a medical product class 1 in Europe.

As such, the Texaal® and Noxaalon® anti-mite covers have a CE mark verified by an independent certification body (Dekra) and characterized by the affixing of the number of the latter (0344) under the CE mark. A guarantee that goes far beyond a simple self-declaration.

All dust mite covers manufactured by the Protec’Som® laboratory (Texaal®, Noxaalon®) are certified Oeko-Tex 100 class 1 which is the most rigorous certification in terms of human safety for textiles.

An open study published at the 2011 World Allergy Congress observed an average reduction of 60.8% in the symptoms experienced by patients using a Protec’Som® dust mite cover (Texaal® or Noxaalon®).


Standard 20×27, Queen 20×30, King 20×37


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