DermoPrime DP Lite Skin Analysis

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A new professional system for measurement, cosmetic treatment and recommendation of skin products.

  • It performs as many as 7 different measurements
  • Easy-to-use and specially designed to meet the needs of both professionals and customers
  • Powerful customer management software that allows you to give tailored professional recommendations
  • A marketing tool to support sales and promotions for cosmetic dermatology products
  • It has many different applications suited to the needs of beauticians, cosmetics shops, pharmacies and cosmetics sales reps, etc.

DermoPrime is the most adavnced range of skin measurement equipment. It also offers a fast, completely tailored service, catering to each customer’s needs.

It automatically carries out a complete diagnosis of the main skin parameters:

  • Hydration
  • Pores
  • Spots
  • Wrinkles
  • Uniformity
  • Elasticity
  • Sebum (skin type)

The system also tells you the course of treatment and products that may work best for each customer based on their analysis results. The DermoPrime system uses a single device with built-in lenses. You use the DermoPrime sensor on its own and do not need to switch any accessories. That makes the analysis process more convenient and as fast as possible.

  • 1- Light and compact for better use and transport
  • 2- For skin type analysis the device includes housing for the test sponge and a convenient framer to take pictures with the camera
  • 3- It includes an ergonomic applicator to determine the skin type
  • 4- The most complete equipment also includes a built-in computer with a 15.6″ touchscreen to make the software more convenient and intuitive to use, and allow all pictures of the skin to be viewed without missing the least detail
  • – Compatible with any computer running the DermoPrime software
  • – High Quality Image ¼” Sony Super HAD CCD camera
  • – High resolution and high sensitivity: 410 000 pixels
  • – It can be connected to other devices, such as a Letter printer, to print out the analysis results in report format with pictures.
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